Proven 5-Step Process to Get Projects Back on Track Within 90 Days

Digital transformation is a big strategic change for most businesses — and it often creates a major headache for the project managers responsible.

Organizations thot fail to adopt the new tech efficiently will struggle to survive in the longer term, so you know you have to find a way to bring struggling projects back onto the path of success.

HOW can you make that happen?

Gartner reports 91% of organizations are engaged in some form of Digital initiative, but only 40% have reached the full scale of their digital initiative

There's a lot of pressure on you and your team to build digital capabilities that drive customer-centric change, efficiency and productivity — and there's a lot at stake for your organization

If your digital transformation project has hit an obstacle, you're not alone.

BCG research shows only 30% of digital  transformations are successful. 70% Fall short of their objectives or foil, often with profound consequences.

We're seeing a lot of transformation projects set up fast and furious to keep up with the sudden major shifts in the market environment. Change initiatives in this area of business future-proofing require a great deal of time and expertise, across multiple dimensions.

These complex projects need holistic planning, clear benefits realization and continuous monitoring across the key dimensions of success. It s not just the technology implementation, but also the culture and communication thot ore critical to delivering the intended outcomes and transformation.

But when failure is not an option, why is a success so uncertain?

Common challenges in digital transformation initiatives

Are you struggling to get an agreement on project priorities and strategy?

Are you drawing attention to the issues and asking for changes, but still getting nowhere?

Has your project started drifting in the wrong direction?

Do you sense low morale and decreased motivation in your team?

Are you facing delays, missed deadlines, and failures on delivery of intended benefits?

Are you continually being asked how you intend to turn things around?

Are you getting pressure from above on milestones and cash flow issues?

Are you getting pressure from above on milestones and cash flow issues?

Are you struggling to get agreement on project priorities and strategy?

Then your project has already slipped off-track. And you know it.

The good news is that getting back on track can be much more straightforward than you might think.

How to fix your project’s problems (before it's too late)

So you’re asking yourself why THIS element isn’t working and why THAT milestone was missed…

But what if all you really need is a perspective shift and a clear view of the bigger picture?

If you could get a fresh pair of eyes on your project, from someone who has the background expertise required to spot the issues lion identify their causes, then solving the problems would be far easier (and faster).

Digital transformation projects aren’t straightforward like most technical IT projects Their success in delivering benefits depends on several critical pieces of the puzzle all fitting together perfectly.

And that‘s where my 5—step process can help.

Often, the root cause of the problem is simply that you’re too close to see the root cause of the problem!

Even the best project managers – with the best teams, the most experienced, and the greatest expertise – can get stuck staring at a project in close-up, focusing on one piece at a time. From that perspective, it’s hard to see anything other than the outcome of the issue

If you are a PM wrestling with a digital transformation project that's going off the rails, I am here to help

My name is Mudassir Iqbal, and I’ve been working in the IT project management space for the best part of 20 years. I’m the founder and CEO of Know Your Project Consulting, and the creator of the PMP Certification Simplified training. And digital transformation is both my joy and my gift.

What I’ve learned from extensive experience is that most digital projects are missing some vital ingredients that the team is too close to spot, or perhaps they don’t have the full range of expertise across the dimensions needed for planning and executing effective change projects from start to successful finish.

Because I’ve experienced a great many projects in a great many industries, I’ve also helped a great many executives recover their digital projects after facing tough challenges – even recovering projects from the brink of failure.

Digital transformation involves a lot more moving success factors than just the IT implementation, and my holistic viewpoint and independent arbitration are exactly what helps get things back on track. I can provide you with trusted external expertise to identify the reasons for delayed benefit realization, and assemble a revised plan working with you and your team to get the maximum resolution in the shortest possible time.


When I saw how many organizations were struggling to realize the full scale and intentions of their digital transformation projects, I knew I had to help their project managers recover lost ground and revive demoralized teams. So I developed a proprietary process, Planning Effective Projects for Technology Enabled Change (PEPTEC).

What is PEPTEC?

The PEPTEC solution is a unique consulting review service that gives you a step-by-step exploration of your project and your organization’s current context and challenges, without any blind spots. The process involves 9-12 weeks of focused work.

First of all, my team of experts and I will look at your strategy and the problems that you and your project team are facing, and help discern what‘s not working and why it’s not working. We’ll work with you to take a deep dive into the root cause of innovation project delays or failure to deliver outcomes.

This is followed by prioritization of next steps based on how much impact they will create and how quickly they will take effect, restructuring the project plan to get back on track within 90 days by avoiding delays and preventing or correcting costly mistakes.

By working together, you and I will revive your project – and your team’s commitment and morale. Every step is straightforward once you have the bigger-picture perspective that’s so difficult to gain when you’re looking at your project from the inside!

I will support you to rescue a stalled project and produce an improved benefits realization trajectory towards successful digital transformation. Your project will be back on track faster and more easily than you might expect, and once it’s back on track it will run smoothly to deliver the desired outcomes

If you're a PM wrestling with a digital transformation project that's going off the rails, I am here to help.

Because the PEPTEC solution is designed and developed to do exactly that. And I've seen it create swift, sure recovery for many digital transformation projects with my guidance and support,

Even if you've already called in consultants without success... there is still hope.

If you're within the first half of the implementation, we can usually find ways to revive the project. If you're earlier in the project, your chances of improving the outcomes are even better with PEPTEC working for you.

For example, one client of mine initiated a project that looked achievable... and yet, years later, they were still not seeing the expected benefits. After applying the PEPTEC solution, it rapidly became clear that a lack of agreement on the ultimate outcome of the project meant that everyone involved was working with a different set of expectations and measuring success in different ways! While a new project team was being onboarded, we drew up a benefits management plan with the remaining resources and restored sanity to the project so that it could be completed successfully.

Another client made a good start on their digital transformation, but slipped into the trap of overconfidence. By launching too many projects under the digital transformation initiative, they ended up working double or triple on parallel activities, using up time and resources that would have been better spent elsewhere. Working with me, they introduced a phased approach that ensured clear, focused work on one small milestone at a time... leading to successful digital transformation and benefits realization.

A third company had selected an IT Solution before fully grasping the situation on the ground, pushed by a deadline to complete the tech implementation Tech selection was made based on benchmarking, so it went well... but in the implementation plan, they failed to account for days of training, stakeholder communications, cultural change needs, and building business agility. Fortunately, my 5R process uncovered these issues and enabled us to devise a sensible, practical way to restructure the project for substantial success.

7 ways I deliver powerful resuIts, fast

As on independent consulting professional, I con act swiftly and get to work right away

I have a unique perspective based on multiple tech project implementation methodologies.

I provide an important external perspective and can show you what's in your blind spots.

I deliver a highly actionable restructure plan for a relatively small extra investment

I act as a non-threatening, service driven mediator and guide for your team.

I bridge the gap between you, your team, and executive management.

I ensure you get back on track towards achieving the project's intended benefits.

Our Testimonials

Mirza Mahmood ul Hasan (FCA)
MD at Fudiciam
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Mudassir is highly skilled, self-motivated, methodical and very adaptable. His positive attitude and mature approach help him shine in the most challenging environments. Having successfully delivered many projects with Mudassir, I consider him a Project Manager of choice who would be an asset to any company. The most impressive thing about Mudassir is his innovative thinking and industry insights. He is clear and thorough thinker and can be depended upon to get the job done.
Muntaser Almurad
IT Leadership | Digital Transformation
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I enjoyed working with Mudassir in a challenging End-to-End Technology Ecosystem Business Transformation program at Flow Progressive Logistics. In this Ecosystem Program, sound Program / Project Management skills and forward thinking capabilities were of great value from a key player like Mudassir. He is reliable and he has exceptional expertise in being able to successfully lead initiatives beyond his responsibilities and duties.

When you're the PM of a project that's ontrack and delivering on its promises...

Commitments and deadlines become reality.

Project goals become more aligned with organizational goals.

You can see the positive energy in the company thanks to building trust and making the right culture shifts, impacting positively on turnover.

Benefits become realized as they were planned and agreed

Project KPI’s are significantly healthier than before.

The company is now willing to spend more on tech initiatives, as it sees the increasing efficiency in operations.

Engagement between different functional teams becomes the norm.

You’re seeing a good morale and a team who are motivated.

Are you getting pressure from above on milestones and cash flow issues?

You’re trusted with future innovation – and may have saved your job.

But if you don't take action today, then a month from now, your digital project could still be in a downward spiral...

What will you do then? When and how will you begin to resurrect that nightmare project? Or will you never get it back on track at all*
If you re ready to discuss the possibility of saving your project, let s talk it through.

By working with me, you will:

Understand the success factors of an effective DX project

Get a solution that's both actionable and affordable

Gain lost time and get back on track for effective delivery

The customers you desire achievable, and the pains you are dealing with are solvable.
I'm committed to your success!

Mudassir Iqbal

Founder & CEO at Know Your Project