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We’re seeing a lot of transformation projects set up fast & furious to keep up with sudden major shifts in the market environment. Change in a necessary part of staying in business and serving our customers.

I talk about this in a recent article – What technology and digital transformation means for business and I’d be delighted to have a conversation with you about your specific project, goals and current challenges. Book a free discovery call and I can help you get some clarity on the next steps.


I’m Mudassir Iqbal and I’ve been working in IT project management space for the best part of 20 years.
I’m founder/CEO of Know Your Project Consulting, creator of the PMP Certification Simplified training and a weekly online show on MFMedia 47, “Techtalk with Mudassir”.

Digital transformation is both my joy and my gift, at least from an effective project planning point of view.
What I’ve learned from experience over the past two decades, and from others in this space, is that most digital projects are missing some vital ingredients that the team are too close to spot or maybe they don’t have the full range of expertise across the dimensions needed for planning out effective change projects.