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Project Management: You are Looking at The Future

Series: From the five critical factors of digital transformation #5CritialFactorsofDX 3/5

This factor deserves a whole new case study! After the digital culture and communication change “Design Thinking” is foremost for any organization. This blog is an insight, eye-opening, and a quick reminder for leaders and dreamers to redesign their thinking and look at things differently for a transformative digital customer experience.

Enough is Enough of This Randomization

After all these years of being spoon-fed, when we realize that life is no unicorns, no field of daffodils and the tooth fairy is just an illusion, we tremble badly, of course, *we are hurt*.


In the same way, after working in an organization for years with the same culture and same thought-process when you finally realize that business is more advance, back-breaking, not-a-single hand operation, and you have been putting your efforts in all the wrong places, then randomization takes place. Leaders find themselves in trouble at this point because of A. They left the word “help,” on-seen. B. They thought “project management” is easy.

 What they think     vs     What they should think

This project will bring us money.This project will bring us new chances.
This is easy.This might seem easy but could be difficult. What solutions we have?
Project management doesn’t require project managers, everyone can do it.Project managers are great choice for project management, this is their niche. We must not take this in our hands.
We don’t need to change.We need to improve and succeed.

What is Project Management for Digital Transformation?

You call it an application of methods, skills, experiences, knowledge to achieve targets and specific project objectives but we call it “integration,” “primary variable,” “design thinking for user-needs” and “reason to stand out.”

Getting things done is not what project management is, a company today neither standout because of their investments, nor profits, marketing team, or sales managers, it’s their understanding, digital implementation and strong commitment towards customers. Delivering quality, needs, and overall outcome within the agreed budget and timeframe. For such a project, the company requires people to come together and work on it, as teamwork is a center to craft-leading success.

You may find this a little basic but believe us, basic steps help in unbiased decision-making, easy-learning, and measure comparison between us and all. Companies should consider that their current goals are lacking, but as soon as they implement digital transformation strategy, changes occur and management approaches get evolved.

In previous blogs, we shared tips and bits on the orientation of customers, cultural change, and change communication, but “project management” strong-arms everyone. It helps to set high-profiles in low investments and chip away digital disruption, dedicatedly.

Why Design Thinking is Important in Project Management?

Design thinking is a process of ironing out the old wrinkles; the problem and shortcomings remain the same but this approach changes the “mindset” and “solutions.” It tackles ill-defined complex problems that affect human needs as well as collaboration between companies and consumers.

Before managing a project, look below.

5-hands on points that you should adopt before managing your business:

· What? How? Why? Start asking questions, such as, what are the human needs involved? Empathize every possible point your user can have in mind.

· Ideating: Introduce ideation sessions in the organization for fresh ideas and pitches. This time “don’t think out of the box,” step out of the box and redesign it.

· Defining: Explain what is the real problem, create the worst possible idea sessions to expand problem space and free-thinking. Test the finalized ideas later!

· Don’t disregard Digital Transformation: Digital transformation integrates digital technologies and meaningful perspective in all areas of your business, which means opportunities, exposure, more projects to handle, and increasing agility.

· Hire project managers: Never do something out of your league, it’s good to take projects, it’s good that money is big, but are you sure you can make it “exact” the same your user wants? it would be plausible to say that project managers are “designed” specially to think and monitor. They see shortcomings, navigate possible less-risky solutions, identifies why there is a delay in benefits, and simply execute “managerial” practices in perfection.

The Bottom Line:

Design thinking can be only possible if there is a professional and technology-minded intervene in the company, someone with human-centered lean can teach that every solution is not a solution and in order to settle lead-scale, project managers play the lead role. They dig deeper into your project’s current trajectory, review the current challenges, initiate a deep conversation with your team and stakeholders, recommend solutions to c-suite executives, prioritize projects categorically, remaps your pre-existing plan to remove the barriers, and then lastly, set milestone for each task to drive better results.

Not the Project Management; Project Managers are the Future!

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